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Sejarah Pencak silat Walisongo


I. Preliminary

Pencak silat Walisongo this stand in 1971 elections approached in the street NU Raya Karang No.7 Pilang along. Exercises focused on Al Hidayah mosque which was raised by Ustad Abdul Rohman Soleh. Then Pencak silat Walisongo opened its first branch in petemon in 1977 at the mosque of Al Kausar who was also raised by Ustad Abdul Rohman pious. Then open a branch that is in the mosque dikenjeran Deres Pond in 1979. Around May 1979 dikenjeran branch moved to Mary.
In 1991 Ustad Abdul Rohman Soleh died so that a branch of Mary as the center of Pencak Silat Walisongo. After Ustad Abdul Rohman Soleh dies then forwarded by the cleric to hold the Supreme Sunardi diperguruan role and continue the struggle of the late Ustad Abdul Rohman pious and until now concentrated Mary PS W9 surabaya jl. Manyar Sambongan 119 surabaya

II. Goal

1. Charity Ma'ruf nahi unjust
2. Fostering unity, brotherhood and kinship among Muslims
3. To establish Islam spirited youth healthy, both physically and spiritually strong

III. Material That Taught Walisongo Pencak Silat

1. Science Asma '/ Sufism
2. Wisdom Science
3. Science in the power that comes from breathing if

Agenda for reflection
The causes or issues that cause us Fakir or destitute:

1. Because Medit or stingy
2. Most Sleep
3. Most tell lies
4. Nice to sleep at dawn prayer times
5. Nice to sleep with naked
6. Sweeping the night time
7. Prohibited from sitting in the middle of the door
8. Leaning back in the middle of 2 doors between rooms
9. leave prayers

Pillars prayer

  1. Intention
  2. Takbiratul ihram
  3. Stand up straight for a ruling when praying fardhu. Perhaps while sitting or lying down for the ailing
  4. Read surah Al-Fatihah in each rak'ah
  5. Bowing with tumakninah
  6. I'tidal with tumakninah
  7. Prostration twice with tumakninah
  8. Sitting between the two prostrations with tumakninah
  9. Sitting tasyahud end with tumakninah
  10. Reading the final tasyahud
  11. Reading blessings on the Prophet at the end tasyahud
  12. Reading the first greeting
  13. Orderly: consecutive working on these pillars

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